• 8th-ave.com Admin Nov 29, 2017

    Martie Walker | Iconic

    Bold and busy prints transformed into sleek everyday garments are what make an Iconic outfit stand out from the crowd. A ‘by-chance’ journey to Shanghai in 2014, following an almost 30-year career in laboratories as a microbiologist, led Martie Walker, founder and designer at Iconic, to her first roll of fabric.


  • 8th-ave.com Admin Nov 14, 2017

    Michelle Heslop | Michion

    Michelle Heslop has always been a creative at heart, following her studies of the Performing Arts at the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town and an almost 10-year career with the Mad World Group of Companies she worked her way up to the position of curator and Managing Director of the Bromwell Boutique which was established in 2008


  • 8th-ave.com Admin Oct 17, 2017

    Jill Wantenaar | JILLIANA

    Clothing and textiles have always been a part of Jill’s life. Tales of her grandma window shopping to find ideas for her children’s clothes and the fabulous stories of life as a dressmaker of bridal and custom-fits inspired Jill to reimagine, design, cut, restyle and make.