Oct 17, 2017

Clothing and textiles have always been a part of Jill’s life. Tales of her grandma window shopping to find ideas for her children’s clothes and the fabulous stories of life as a dressmaker of bridal and custom-fits inspired Jill to reimagine, design, cut, restyle and make. In 2012, Jill, graduated from Cape Town College of Fashion Design, followed by an internship for a clothing manufacturer. But it was exposure to a collaborative design project in 2014, The Madrina Fashion Show, showcased in New York City, that motivated Jill to follow the route of natural fibres. In October 2016, the JILLIANA brand was born, bringing to market a unique array of sustainably manufactured everyday womenswear.

JILLIANA is a brand for women who love who they are. Independent, liberal and free-spirited women. In addition to providing a range of comfortable, stylish and natural clothing, JILLIANA is an active member of the Fashion Revolution with a focus on sustainably sourced and manufactured products.

View the JILLIANA range on 8th Avenue.
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